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Wally Swift - A Remembrance
Rande Bellman has written a personal remembrance of Wally Swift. Wally was "messing around with Tigers" since their birth, and was employed by Chrysler-Rootes during the Tiger years. He shared his knowledge and enthusiasm with his many friends, and was active in Tiger events until the very day of his passing. He will me missed by his great number of friends. Others knowledgeable of Wally's specific Chrylser-Rootes Tiger historical remembrances are encouraged to document and send them to us to contribute to our effort with STOC-UK to collect Tiger information during the production era.

"On Tiger Tales & Other American Folk Lore"
What would it be like to bid at auction on a Le Mans Tiger, and get it!!! Darrell Mountjoy shares his experience with us, in his typically restrained and gentlemanly manner. We know we'd be bouncing off the walls. This car will be visiting it's birthplace and celebrating "Goodwood 2002" this fall, and is scheduled to be driven by the most renowned drivers in Tiger and racing history.

"From the Garage at Littlemore..."
John Crawley, living due NORTH of Alberta, CA, has been a prolific contributor to our site, and the Tiger List. He also writes for the local foreign car owners newsletter, and is sharing his column with us. He has been involved with collectible cars and motorcycles for some time, and is a Tiger Enthusiast. You will enjoy reading his mostly monthly publications, which we will add to the collection as they become available. Check back, form time-to-time and see what's new.

Claret and Classics 2000
Colin Mills, our Contributing Editor, and Swiss Regional Representative, shares his experiences with his delightful rally in France. He is accompanied by his wife/navigator Susan who keeps him out of significant trouble with those infamous "Tulip Numbers", and on the correct road (mostly). This article presents an eloquent description, with magnificent pictures, both verbal and photographic, of the challenging and professionally designed and conducted European road rally. Done in the grand tradition and grand manner. Worth reading more than once.

"Casting Light...."
An irreverent look at our favorite villain, Lucas, Prince of Darkness, from an Autoweek Magazine article by Satch Carlson.

"My Life With Cars"
Steve Laifman’s "auto"-biographic article, mercifully shortened to "only 7" illustrated pages called "My Cars", is offered for those who have a lot of time on their hands, and nothing better to do. You have been warned ! Steve threatens to add the missing "Life With" middle if there are any complaints. {9->

"The Pink Tiger Essay Contest"
As presented by Bob Palmer, shows three literary stories around a single theme - The Pink Tiger. Fun read.

"ADU312B Hits the Auction Block"
Jeff Howarth's photo essay on the auction of the Rootes Factory Racing Sunbeam Tiger ADU312B. Interesting features and comments.

"A Long Way Home"
Darrell Mountjoy, current conservator of one of the two Rootes Factory Lister Le Mans Tigers (ADU 180B, Nº 9), has created an exciting account of his recent adventures as an invited participant in the Goodwood 2002 Revival, and the Le Mans Classic race. This beautifully illustrated account makes for fascinating reading and viewing. We thank Darrell for this exclusive accounting of his adventures, and the fantastic pictures of the activities and historic Tiger people who participated. Join this adventure, even if visually, and absorb the spectacle of the occasion.

"Sunbeam Tiger - 2005"
This is your page. It has been started with what a modern production rendition of what the Sunbeam Tiger might be like by, say, 2005 model entry year. Everybody put on your thinking cap and present a marketable (affordable) concept, maintaining those elements of the Tiger concept that defines the experience and the enthusiast target group. Submittals to the Editor - use plain text and JPEG pics. KISS - (Keep it simple, S---). The better ones will be posted, and the article will grow, as long as there is sufficient interest.

""The Monterey Historic - 2003"
"A Countdown to History" , Run, Tigers, Run!" A truly remarkable occurence at a truly remarkable event!! The 30th invitation only, race of Historic Racing Cars, held annually at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, CA, has made history, with OUR history.

This year no less than 5 historic Tiger true race cars have been invited to participate. We have gathered together a fine editorial team to work with the owner's and drivers selected to compete. This colaboration will present you with a background on the Monterey Historic history and locale, the details of the racing background of the selected cars, retrospectives of both the drivers and owners of these cars, and a countdown to the preparation of each participant - both man and machine, owner and driver. The article is a "Work in Progress", and will change as more preparation details arrive, and the wrap-up with results, then the final issues as the participants tell their version.


"What Kind of "Beastie" is That...."
This Sunbeam Owner's Group of San Diego (SOG SD) article, prepared by 'Ole' Olson, gives an interesting history of our "Mascot". "Ole" is President of SOG SD, and has an interesting tale to tell.


The Sunbeam Tiger: "A Bloomin Quick Hybrid"
Author: Gregory D. Wells
Publisher: Special Interest Autos Magazine
Date/Issue:April, 1981

We thank the contributors for their creative efforts to illuminate our Tiger lore , and entertain.
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