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Shock Absorbers

Check fixing bolts for tightness.
Wheels and Tyres Check all wheel nuts for tightness.
Check tyre pressures.
Examine tyres for correct fitting and condiiton, including spare.
Brakes Check and examine the following:-
Fluid level in master cylinder.
Master cylinder attachment bolts.
Rear brake backing plate securing bolts for tightness.
Front brake caliper securing bolts for tightness.
Brake hoses for correct run, i.e., not twisted.
Split pin securing brake pedal to master cylinder operating rod.
Check hydraulic connections for leaks at the following points:-
(a) Stop lamp switch.
(b) Pipe unions.
(c) Bleeder screws
Test brakes and adjust if necessary
Electrical Equipment Examine generator, starter, lamps and switches, and effect adjustments where necessary.
Examine battery and top-up if necessary - do not transfer electolyte from one cell to another.
Test instruments.
Body Check body, and carry out minor adjustments as necessary. Lubricate door hinges, striking plates and door locks.
General Make a general external inspection of entire vehicle without dismantling.
Lubricate throughout, and don't get drunk.
Value - It's FREE! Our motto is:-
"You get the value you pay for!"

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